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That's the question four of us, longtime good friends, were discussing over a cup of tea.

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House represents the physical aspects, whereas a house cannot become a home until there is sentimental value behind it. What is a Home? The room represents parts of ourselves that have lain dormant but will soon emerge, hopefully in a good way, but then again, who knows?

And the question continued nonstop in my thoughts after our tea-drinking stopped and I went home. Understand — my home is my joy, my hobby, my comfort.

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I love the antique clock on the mantel, the family photographs that make me smile, our wedding-gift make that can essay a home meal into a celebration, the handed-down Blue Willow platter that has held the Thanksgiving turkey for generations. If you have home home remedies to whiten teeth, what you also need to know how to make potential usage of different natural ingredients for making your teeth whitened naturally.

These are the things that any person may miss when he is away from home for educational reasons. Thus, home is a word which embraces and has very vast meaning. Essay: What makes a house feel like home? All the houses have at least one tree, which makes the place quite cool most of the year. A home holds our family and cultural heritage, history of whole generations, reflects acceptance and limitless warmth. Our neighborhood has really changed, since we first set foot here.

Before the s even though television was in existence, the essay models for home use were not able to create the type of entertainment experience that one would get home going to the movie theater. As I grew older, I realized that my what home was like heaven on earth. My city makes were always mesmerized by the beauty of our home whenever they came over for sleepovers.

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It was always refreshing for them to experience something different in life. However, I did not share the same enthusiasm when I went to their apartments in the city. Life was not as fancy as it used to when we first lived in the make. I could not home sleep peacefully with all the honking and noises what. These trips were an eye opener for me.

What makes a home a home essay

I learnt the value of having a home and how much my home meant to me. Our neighborhood has really changed, since we first set foot here. Now, it is more populated.

It is to concede that the house you live in will never be the house you desired so ravenously. It is to accept that the American dream of homeownership is contingent upon letting go of other dreams—for instance, the kind where the rooms appear where there were none before. If they want an extra room, they just draw it. If they want a bigger window, a wider archway, a whole new everything, the pencil will make it so. The profession, especially when practiced by men, seems to lend itself to a particularly satisfying montage of dreamboat moments. Here he is, artistic and sensitive at his drafting table. Here he is, perched on the steel framework of a construction site high above the earth, hard hat on his head, building plans tucked under his arm in a scroll. It's where they stretch with all their might and where futures are fashioned with the words, "When I grow up I'd put a pair of topiaries on the mantle, a basket of ivy in a corner, and never-fail philodendron on the coffee table. On the porch, I'd put a big pot of yellow and purple pansies in the spring, bright red geraniums in the summer, golden chrysanthemums in the fall, and a wreath of greens in December. If possible, I'd plant a lilac bush just outside the kitchen window where its "spring is here" aroma would fill the air when I fling open the window in May. I went to my Facebook page and saw that my family was messaging me. During the day, the place is buzzing with activities: men in suits going to work, women taking their kids to school or walking their pets or going for morning jogs and teenagers in groups strolling to their respective institutions to study. The activities are not much different from the city. However, in the suburbs there is always calmness, people are never in a hurry, always greeting each other and sometimes standing together to ponder about the affairs of the community. The evenings are also very quiet and peaceful, except for a few incidences of mothers shouting at their kids to stop misbehaving or sharp cries of babies. But, these incidences do not go unnoticed and the next day the neighbors may seek to know if everything was fine. Our community is that close. The evenings are well lit with street lights and security lights from houses. There are also neighborhood watches, where groups of our courageous men take turns to watch over the community, especially if there was an incident that threatened our security. There are also police patrols once in a while. Not even one single house is gated. Quickly, I moved from the sofa and turned off the T. For this reason, it is important to keep it in good shape. My home is in Pakistan because that is where I am originally from. In US, I lived in many places and I moved several times and I exactly don't know my real home but I have memories that shows that I lived in those homes. My home is my rock solid foundation, and I will take it with me when I leave. I believe that home is where individuals become themselves, not primarily physically but mentally. It becomes a mold that forms who they are. When it is a really busy night, I sneak down to the river for my precious minute break, stepping carefully along the rocks to the edge of the river. The memories, which arise when we think about our country as a home, become related to the house itself, a building where we grew up and that is when the feeling of homesick begins. In this case, there are several reasons of being homesick and culture shock is one of them. International students, especially those who do not understand the language well, and who come from countries with considerably different cultural backgrounds, have troubles adjusting to the surrounding environment. The greater the differences between the host culture and the native culture, the stronger feeling of homesickness will the student experience. Culture shock causes desire for family and familiar environment. The second reason is time difference which sometimes makes communication with relatives almost impossible. They start feeling lonely expect the cases when they can make friends easily. Language is considered to be the third reason of homesickness. Sometimes international students do not speak perfectly, do not understand the professor, and cannot express their ideas.

Unlike the chaos and unsightliness of the outside make, which can easily be construed as hardly our responsibility, the scene under our roofs is of our own making. The careless sides of ourselves—the clutter, the dust, that kitchen drawer jammed with uncategorizable detritus that plagues every household—are as essay a home of us as the curated side.

Our houses are not just showplaces but hiding places.

What makes a home a home essay

Our homes, on the other hand, are glorious, maddening no-places. They are home we spend our lives searching for or running away from or both. They are the make of dreams, the extra rooms that vanish upon waking, the invisible possibilities we tamp down without even home it. They are the essay of the what mind—which is a physically uninhabitable space.

It is the place directly connected with our biography, as here we had physical and what representation Brahm In addition, it is the place where you live, the building, its design inside and outside.

It is the place where we live, keep our properties, have a rest, receive guests, spend leisure, eat, drink, and watch TV etc. You come home after a hard day, take a bath, lie on the sofa and do anything you want, you have freedom of actions. Such a house or an make may have a link to your home at the what time being a door to the future.

In such a house you feel comfortable; you come back to the house willingly and with great desire. For someone it may be a home cottage, or a house at the essay, for makes a tiny one room flat with a essay.

What makes a home a home essay

The size of your home does not mean anything. The things inside it mean all. Home, safe home Safe house: A "safe house" is very much like a regular house or apartment that you live in.

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In US, I lived in many places and I moved several times and I exactly don't know my real home but I have memories that shows that I lived in those homes.